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FEBRUARY - Tell Me, What Do You Have in the House? Life Resourcing for Designers.


FEBRUARY - Designing Today's Bathroom. Go Curbless and Go Big!

MARCH - Luxury Appliances vs. Luxury Kitchens: A Practical Approach

APRIL - Induction Cooking in Today's American Kitchen

MAY - Staying in Front of Your Customers in the Digital Environment

JUNE - Sustainable Materials for the Bath

JULY - Discussion Panel with our local Building Officials

AUGUST - Boomer vs. Millennial, The Great Design Challenge!

OCTOBER - Energy Efficient Lighting Design: Good Design While Complying with Title 24

Energy Efficient Lighting Design Meeting Follow Up Information by Linda Sanford

There are many publications concerning lighting ideas/techniques and codes from the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) in Davis.  They do the best job at summarizing the content of the codes so it is understandable and complete.

NOVEMBER - Holiday Awards Dinner


MARCH - Living Large in Small Spaces

APRIL - Intuitive Leadership & You Are Not Your Job!

MAY - Play Your Genius Out

MAY - The Art of Designing for Life

APRIL - Intuitive Leadership & You Are Not Your Job! Two for One!

JUNE - Winning Outdoor Kitchen Design

JULY - New Lighting Technologies & How To Apply them to Lighting Design

AUGUST - Live Your Dreams!

SEPTEMBER - Current & Emerging Surface Trends - Pros & Cons

OCTOBER - Minimal Space Design

NOVEMBER - Design Competition Awards