The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) program provides NKBA-certified members with the tools to excel in their profession and to promote their expertise to consumers. CEUs provide the opportunity for individuals to have recognition of their efforts to update or broaden their occupational knowledge and skills. Industry professionals and consumers are better protected in a more educated marketplace. By ensuring that all certified members maintain an adequate level of knowledge, the NKBA builds consumer confidence and trust in the industry and more specifically of all NKBA members.

CEU'S are self-reporting for Certified NKBA Members.

The current 2016-2018 CEU Cycle runs from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2018.

All NKBA certified members will be required to earn 20 CEU hours per two-year cycle. NKBA University offers free CEU approved webinars every month. A member can easily earn free CEU hours in two years from the comfort of their home or office. The new CEU requirement of 2.0 CEUs (20 hours) during the 2-year cycle is within the industry norm. In addition, the California Capital Chapter provides at least 6 CEUs per year at chapter meetings and/or events.

To submit your CEUs, login to, go to “Log In,” and “Request CEUs” and complete an online CEU Reporting Form. Once completed, click to send the information directly to the NKBA Certification Department for processing. Faxed or mailed CEU reporting forms will not be accepted. You are not required to submit an online CEU Reporting Form for an NKBA on-line or in-person NKBA Education Course. Certified members' NKBA CEU records will be automatically updated with the class is closed by the NKBA. You are responsible for submitting your own CEU for attending a Chapter Meeting. We recommend that you maintain your own attendance records in the event of a discrepancy.